Thursday, 24 November 2011

"La Troisième Nail polish Gallery"

It's quite boring to stay alone at home all day long, so while waiting for my husband's return, I thought to share with you my nail polish gallery :)

Most of them are from Chanel. I really love its colours but I have to say that for how much they cost, they don't last a lot :S
I have also 3 amazing colours from Dior. I find its paint brush great: it's the easiest to apply on your nails.
The Label blue colour is the last I bought.

Opi has always fantastic colours. Its collection is really huge! I took the ones I have during my last trip to Los Angeles. They are really cheap in the U.S.
My favourite among them is the n° 273.

Do you know how to keep them fresh and liquid for a long time? Easy: put them in your fridge! Really, I am not joking ;)
My dear friend Annette told me that a while ago and honestly, it works :D !

Dior: from the left, 226 Timeless Gold, 704 Nirvana, 997 Blue Label

Chanel: from the left, 577 Mimosa, 505 Particulière, 503 Inattendu, 483 Vendetta, 461 Blue Satin, 150 Fire

Sephora - Opi: from the left, 273 I'm Wired, 050 A True romantic, 245 Don't go there, 011 Read my palm

Which one you like the most?


  1. Lucky you... :) Love all these nails :)

  2. Would love to have all of them!!! Particuliere and blue satin my favorite, though:-)

  3. love it !